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2027 Willow Bend Lane

This house, located in the Derby Woods section of town, has been recently repaired and upgraded because of hurricane Michael. This house has a nice layout with 3 bedrooms and two full baths. It includes an outside patio off of the master bedroom.

Waterfront House at 8211 Highpoint Road

These are images from a house recently fixed up from the ravages of hurricane Michael. It’s a large house with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, two story with a large garage, a “storm cellar” safe room and a large game room. As you can see in the photos, it has it’s own boat dock/lift, a love seat overlooking the water, and a fenced-in gazebo. Contact Cynthia McQuaid, (850) 527-3423, for more information.

Latest On Hurricane Irma

Irma was downgraded to a Tropical Storm around 7am this morning and we’re now feeling the effects from Irma here in Bay County.  I’ve been seeing reports (I really need to get a descent weather station of my own) of winds steady around 20mph with gusts up to 36mph or so.  Rain started around 6 hours ago (I was sleeping so I’m not really sure when it started) and so far at my rain gage on the east side of Callaway, I’ve received nearly 1″ so far.  All in all, the effects from Irma should be minimal.  One thing I’ve really been enjoying though is the cooler temperature.  It’s 66 degrees outside now and I turned off my A/C yesterday and opened up the windows to let the cool air inside!  It was perfect sleeping weather last night!

Right now they’re forecasting good weather tomorrow so as long as the winds didn’t mess up anyone’s landscaping we can make plans to continue photographing real estate for sale or rent!  The forecast for the rest of the week shows a possible 50% chance of rain Thursday and Friday.  

Re-inserted Schedule Page

For some reason, the schedule page didn’t come over from the old site.  I just realized that and just added it back to the menu for you to use when determining when you might want to schedule your photo session.  I apologize and thanks for your patience!

Now I have to get ready to shoot two houses this afternoon.  

The Start of Something New

As you can see, we’ve started the update process for the web site.  We’re now running under WordPress with the NextGen photo gallery plugin to help manage photos.  This will make it easier for us to add photos to posts and showcase some of our recent work.  If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our new contact page will be up shortly but in the mean time you can leave a comment here or contact us at:  850-624-5257.