My name is Rich Turner and I’m the principal photographer here at Panhandle Real Estate Photography. My goal is to produce the photographs that will best show off your properties and help make them sell. Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell a client’s property, a contractor who wants a series of photos over time to show construction progress including finished photos, or an interior designer who wants to document and show off the designs they do for their clients, we can help by taking the photographs you need to show off your work.

I’ve been taking pictures off and on for quite some time and even played a little bit in an old-time darkroom. However, once the digital revolution came of age and I purchased my first digital camera, I’ve never been without one at my side. I like taking lots of pictures of nearly everything, almost to the point my wife says I need to get a video camera instead of using a still camera!

My love is nature and concert photography (the picture above is me with the late Davy Jones of the Monkees taken in 2011 at Disney World’s EPCOT). My passion is architecture and real estate photography. I want to help you achieve your goals of increasing your business by capturing images that best showcase what you have to offer.

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