Monthly Archives: May 2016

Still Looking

I’m still looking for a good WordPress Theme I can use for my sites.  Photocrati seems to be OK especially since they’ve finally incorporated the NextGen Pro photo management system.  However, it appears further development is going to be restricted in favor of another system they’re moving to called Imagely.  So, I signed up for that expecting it would be about as good as the Photocrati system.  Ooops, not so fast.  It isn’t easy or intuitive (at least to me) and it’s been like pulling teeth getting one of my simpler sites ported over to the new software plus there aren’t any themes I really like.  So I’m staying with Photocrati for now.

More Disappointing Results

After installing the new Themes, I find I can’t create a slideshow on the front page like I can with the Photocrati Theme.  Unless I’m missing something, these new Imagely themes are rather limiting.  I’ll have to spend more time studying the documentation for these themes (such as it is; it’s rather limited right now).  I want to just add pictures and blog posts for your information and enjoyment.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Jump Back In

Yup; more changes.  I was looking over the theme I’ve been using for this page and it seems very little, if any, work will be done on it to improve it in the future.  It seems like they’re moving to yet another theme that you have to pay for annually along with another subscription requirement for the NextGen gallery photo management tool.  This was “built in” and provided by the PRO version of the previous theme I’ve been using.  This really sucks; now I have to spend even more time (and $$) learning a whole new system and fixing what it breaks as I implement it.  So – stand by and be patient some more.  Thanks…