Monthly Archives: January 2016

Disappointing Upgrades

It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks.  After trying to figure out why I’ve been unable to get my Lightroom photo editing program to successfully upload photos directly to my WordPress blog, I’ve migrated the hosting first to a new company (Dreamshost) and then back to GoDaddy after leaning that Dreamshost was not upfront about their severe restrictions on server resources.  Those restrictions rendered my web sites completely unable to be updated or render to visitors or slowed access down until getting access was intolerable.  So I moved back to GoDaddy.

I started working with the GoDaddy support folks (again) trying to figure out how to get Lightroom to successfully upload photos.  After being unsuccessful, they suggested upgrading hosting servers to some of their newer equipment.  So we did that as the price was supposed to be nearly the same.  It didn’t take too long to realize that they also had restricted resources which I could increase, at even more $$.  And Lightroom still wasn’t working.  And even if I tried to create a new blog post, my memory limits were exceeded often by over 100% which all but closed down my access to the sites.

Bottom line is I’ve moved everything back to the original hosting servers I started with at GoDaddy and all the sites are now working like they always have.

Spent a few more minutes before heading to bed last night researching why I was still having problems with Lightroom uploads and always getting an error 500 notice and found some possible solutions.  I must have used some different key words when searching since I found some new results.  They all revolved around limited WordPress memory.  By default WordPress installations define a 64M memory limit which sometimes reduces the capability of WordPress to operate.  I installed a memory usage plugin and noticed I was using nearly 80% of memory resources normally without doing anything special.  Found a way to increase memory available to wordpress and tried uploading photos with Lightroom again.  Now Lightroom is working normally again!  At least for the quick test I performed last night.  Now I just have to upload some more photos to be sure.