Monthly Archives: December 2015

Web Site Transfer Complete

The web site transfer is complete.  I’ve moved all of the files from DreamHost back to GoDaddy for hosting support.  Everything should be back to normal and I can start adding more information here for everyone!

The first thing I’ve added is a calendar so you can see what my schedule is and call me with a date and time you’d be interested in having me drop by to create your listing photos.  Let me know what you think of this new addition!

What Is A “Money Shot”?

You may have heard the term before – the “money shot”. What is it? and why is it important? There is a pornographic definition for this term but, obviously, that’s not what we’re interested in here.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines it as, “a very important, impressive, or memorable picture or scene”. Carrying that over to the real estate market, it is the one photo which is the most impressive and has significant visual and emotional impact to a prospective buyer. It is the one photo that signifies the reason that property was developed.

I’ve been photographing a lot of condos lately. Of course here in Panama City and Panama City Beach, most of those condos are on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. That view is the reason they were developed. Therefore the view from the condo is critical to capture when taking marketing photos for condos for sale or rent.

This photo is one that I captured for a condo recently. The agent told me that it was the single photo that convinced the buyer to purchase the property – at full asking price. The agent didn’t believe it would sell at the original asking price. He’s convinced of the importance of getting professional photographs for all of his listings.